Health & Safety Management.

We regard safety as the first principle in our business management. Safety of our employees, clients, partners, and stakeholders is the highest priority for us in our business operations, and we are fully committed to raising safety awareness.

Guided by modern HSE philosophy and concepts, Hazco carries out QHSE management through the entire project lifecycle via using the ISO 45001. We will continuously build up QHSE expertise from projects and make constant improvements to the system.

We implement QA/QC, ITP, NCR and other quality management systems to ensure the quality of projects and zero defect delivery.We place great importance on risk management.

Health & Safety Policy:

We take the health and safety of the employees and persons being affected to be of vital importance. Our primary objective is therefore to “Achieve and maintain the highest practicable level of health and safety in all areas of the company’s operations”. To achieve these goals, the company aims to provide

1. A safe and healthy environment to all persons likely to be affected, including employees, sub – contractors’ visitors to site and the members of the public by effectively applying risk analysis and identification of the hazard

2. System of work which are safe and without risks to health.

3. General training in health and safety so that all employees are made aware of any potential hazards in relation to their work and the latest procedures for overcoming them.

4. Specific training in safe working procedures, the operation of the plant and machinery and accident prevention. A system for conducting a regular review of the training needs of the workforce.

5. The provision of the regular refresher courses, reference to the training already carried out.

6. Basic training in health and safety to the new employees and young workers and to ensure that whenever new plant or variations in the system of work are introduced, then the appropriate safety training is given.

7. Personal protective clothing & equipment’s appropriate to the job in hand. Guidance on what to do in the event of emergency.

8. On site welfare and first aid provision which complies fully with the statutory requirements together with a system for maintaining the equipment.

9. Adequate firefighting equipment’s and fire training, in liaison with the fire authority.

10. A means od contact with the relevant health and safety governing bodies so that the updated information on legislation, codes of practice and other technical guidance is available within the company and is circulated promptly to all concerned.