Quality Service and Performance is the foundation we are built upon.

We establish and operate an quality management system ISO 9001 and make efforts throughout the entire business process to achieve targets.

Quality Policy

We High Tech Automation Zone Company Ltd assure uncompromising Quality across all areas of our operations, complying to all applicable regulatory requirements.

We are committed to provide consistently high-quality products and services which meet and exceed customer’s specified contractual requirements. This is supported by an innovative and progressive management approach that encourages the quality structure throughout the organization. We have realized the inevitability for the implementation of the quality policy and quality management system at all levels and taken necessary measures to ensure that these are understood, implemented, and maintained by all employees irrespective of their levels in the organization.

We are strongly committed to the protection of the environment, health and safety of our employees and others. Moreover, we are committed to continual improvement of the Quality Policy on the objective measurements.